DVD Size



I’ve been trying to figure out why there is a setting to adjust DVD size.

I’m not sure if my calculations are correct but as far as I can determine, a 4.7 GB disk holds 4380 MB of data. The two preset settings in DVDFab are 4300 MB and 4472 MB. It would seem one setting does not take advantage of full disk capacity while the other results in disk overburn.

Do most people use 4300 MB? Are there serious compatibility problems with 4472 MB? I’ve noticed a few DVD-5 ROM’s that are larger than 4300 MB, so they can’t be too incompatible, or does this have more to do with the quality of the blanks being burned?



Hi Fred

Try 4464 by usining the customize in the drop down, you may find this to be a good setting

Tim :bigsmile:


A DVD records from the inside towards the outer edge and the further out your DVD gets faster and less stable. If a DVD has a slight warp, the outer edge will wobble more, even then the defect is invisible to the eye. There is also a greater possibility of a defect in the dye.



You are correct bigmacnc, I use the 4464 custom setting but it is safer to use the default setting, just for the reasons you mentioned.:iagree:


4464 is the default in DVDShrink. I have used it for years in both Shrink and DVDFab with no problems, even with less than top grade blanks. The extra 164 MB over the 4300 setting is enough in some cases to push the Quality reading to 100% and have no compression on a disc (which increases processing time even at low levels). Mack’s and Alan’s points are also true; best is to try it and see how it works on your setup. The quality of name brand blanks has improved over time. Three or four years ago 4464 was a daring overburn. :slight_smile: