Dvd shrink3 and devd decryptor

I have just installed those 2 softwares and i have no idea on what i am doing really!

I would like to know if someone could give me the basic details on what I have to do do get the dvd ready for being burnt.

I have already read a couple times that doom9.net thing and i am still confused…Like which software should i use first to get things started?

Please give me some help with all of this ppl


Try to read the artical “DVD shrink guide” in DVDr-digest.com. It has a step by step instruction and snap shot of each screen.

In a nutshell, use DVD Shrink first. In there, there is an option to output your DVD Shrink projects as an ISO and to burn with DVD Decrypter (all one option). Just select that and then make sure you pop a blank in your drive. Go into DVD Shrink and see what needs to be done to shrink down and compress your current project.