DVD Shrink

After doing some searches and reading through previous posts i see that, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and Nero seem to be a pretty popular combination and one that gets good results. I am just curious as to why DVD Decrypter is used??, i thought that Shrink already had a built in decrypter that could be used for ripping??? Does DVD Decrepter get better results or offer more options??? Also, what version of Nero have you guys got the best results with?? Thanks for your help.

My understanding is that DVDshrink is also compressing and decrypting at the same time.

Some people dislike the idea of the burners laser being on longer than it could be, therefore using DVDdecryptor extracts the data quickly to the hard drive saving valuable laser time.

Personally I just use shrink.


Why DVD Decrypter? DVD Decrypter is good in cases where DVD Shrink fails.

From the DVD Shrink instructions:

If you are suffering read errors or copy protection errors with a certain DVD, using DVD Decrypter usually solves the problem.
I suppose in most cases DVD Shrink could be used alone for reading, decrypting, shrinking, and writing. I have a friend who has one of those DVD/VCR combinations made by a member of the DVD forum which will only accept DVDs written in DVD-R(W) format and then only if everything is done exactly correct. He needs to use Nero to write the file system and the files on a DVD-R(W) disc just to get it to play. It will not accept the same files written on a DVD-R(W) by DVD Shrink. Many of the players made by the members of the DVD Forum, the DVD-R(W) group, seem the have difficulties playing anything but a pressed disc.

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