Dvd shrink

hi. may be im thick who knows. I have dvd shrink and dvd decrypter, i used dvd decrypter to get the movie on my hdd then i drag and drop the movie (lovley feature) with the name video_ts
to dvd shrink, shrink it, then copy it with nero 6. EASY YES. Well why will it not play on my dvd player witch i know plays copys R,RW,VCD you get the picture. Take into account that dvd shrink used to decrypt my region 2 dvds fine up until recentley. Now here’s the fun bit. When i shrink a dvd with dvd shrink then use nero to burn it to a RW, then put the RW into dvd decrypter and decrypt, then copy it to a dvd R with nero, like magic its fine? I thought maybe i need to shrink b4 i decrypt. But if thats the case you can’t open dvd file’s in decrypter you have to do it straight from disk so whats the prob…

PS. Love the site your all so bloody clever thanks:a

you are in the wrong forum this is for CloneDVD and AnyDVD questions… however in Nero when burning the disk did you select DVD-Video as type (not Data DVD)?

If you didn’t that’s your answer!