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I heard about this new software entitled DVDShrink. It’s free. Has anyone tried it?


Originally posted by mjthomas
I heard about this new software entitled DVDShrink. It’s free. Has anyone tried it?

It’s a most interesting piece of Freeware.
Perusing it’s features, one could wish that this marginally funded outfit could form a partership with D2O and D95C and produce a package that would really whomp any upcoming/commercial entries…
D2O is my choice (movie-only), but with Elby bringing out CloneDVD and DVDXCopy Express/Platinum and others/Pinnacle, an alliance of smaller-publishers (with only genius for assets) might be worth pursuit?


Below is the official dvdshrink homepage:



I downloaded and used it!!! it’s great. Don’t get me wrong, I have used D2O, but the features that this puppy has are superior. No comparison!! Let me tell you. I was trying to backup the 2nd season of the sopranos. I tried to use D20 to compress one of the dvd without success. I used dvd shrink and it work without a hitch!! Now, the quality was not good 'cause the sopranos is already compress. So, I was able to split the dvd9 to 2 dvds without a problem. Before, I had to use a series of utilities and a lot of time to accomplish the same task.

Great job guys
I love your product:bow:


Just for fun, I decided to try this program (dvd shrink)…

My first attempt was a 2 hour 10 min movie… Did movie only mode with only one audio track… Quality was awesome… Tried the same movie with dvd2one, and quality was equally as awesome… no difference…

Here is where the fun started, tried a 3 hour movie with DTS audio track… Fist used the shrink program, the used dvd2one v.1.1.1.

The quality of the shrink program actually was watchable… But the detail was a little soft, and in the back ground there was lots of pixels (look like a grainy movie)…

I then tried the dvd2one version, and WOW, Very sharp picture, and VERY LITTLE compression blockingness… It was very awesome… In the past with other eariler versions of dvd2one, this same movie had lots of moving compression blocks… but not this version…

So both programs are awesome, but dvd2one is my hearts favorite… Just can’t wait for the new engine to make long movies even look better…

Great job guys, You have a winner, and to me, you always will…

-Chris:bow: :bow:


don’t use it for level 3 or 4 you may not be happy. Level 1 and 2 look great however.


You are right!!

If you use it make sure it’s on level 1 or 2. By the way I forgot to mention, the other nice feature of it is the preview section u:eek: which is awesome. I was able to cut some unwanted intros of those series dvd’s and if you need to shave space, you can take the credits of any movies. You know, some of those credits sometimes can take a lot of space. Wish that D2O incorporates those features and it will be the best tool!!:stuck_out_tongue:

You know what the best part is…It’s free :wink: