Dvd shrink

Im using dvd shrink to back up my dvds. I need to know is a hard disk file or an iso image file better to use to save my dvds in. Is one different from the other. Which one should i use?:confused::confused::confused:

What kind of hardware file are we talking about here?

Depending on how you want to use them i’d suggest just backup up the VIDEO_TS folder to some folder on your harddisk. This way you can always write, copy or play them.

i agrre with belvedere , i use VIDEO_TS folder as well with all the vob’s in it . that way its easier should you need to recopy or view the dvd .

Hard Disk File = AUDIO/VIDEO_TS folders. ISO contains the AUDIO/VIDEO_TS folders. You can play either one with a media player like VLC Media Player & you can burn either one with a burning program such as ImgBurn.