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Hi All,
I have downloaded DVD Shrink and I have shrinked a 8GB disc back to 4GB and written it on a DVD with Nero 6.6.
Only (despite of all other reviews), it is gving me problems when I try to play it on the dvd: at the end it is skipping and pausing scenes and even ending with : can not read disc … :sad:
What can be the problem or solution; should I burn it with less speed?

Please let me know.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What brand of disc did you use, and what speed did you burn at?

The symptoms seem to indicate either a bad media or burn speed problem.


Great thanks for the quick reply !!:clap:
I use DVD+R EMTEC 4.7 GB
The speed I am not sure of: I thought it was 8x or 16x


I would say from that, it’s more like a media problem, as Emtec aren’t terrific IMO.

For best results, try Verbatim discs at 8x, but stuff like Sony should also do well at the same speed. If you’re in the UK, Maxell DVD+Rs you can get from Asda are great at 8x also.

You’re welcome, BTW :slight_smile:


also did a search on Emtec and found that it is not the best choice (understatement :frowning: )
Verbatim was mentioned as to be good!

I am not located in the UK, but I suppose we can get them here (NL) too.


Sure you can get Verbatim in the Netherlands :iagree: - as well as being the safest choice (due to great firmware support with burners), they’re also widely available :slight_smile:

Slight downside, is that you will pay a little more for them than you did for the Emtecs. But they’re worth it. :wink:


I have ordered Philips PHOVPR4710016SP (100) ; how Dutch can I be :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for pointing to the right direction :kiss:

Will come here more often to check the forum

bye :flower:


From my experience, you do get a bad blank DVD once in a while, regardless of how expensive the brand may be. I’ve had very good luck with inexpensive Staples brand DVD’s. If the problem persists, sounds like your burner is starting to go bad and needs replaced. Don’t recommend Sony drives, they fail fast! Don’t multi-task during burning either, just leave the computer alone. Clean up memory eaters by turning most or all off in msconfig.exe. Hope this helps.


As Arachne stated, it’s most likely media related ,try different media!..
Post a burn log, cus there’s really no way we can honestly say w/o a doubt that the drive is going kaput…Try the media first, and IMO use IMGburn for burning your video instead of Ner0…but to each his/her own… JM2cents!..:cool: