DVD Shrink

Ok…I’ve been using DVD Decrypter to rip my movies (VTS files) which is working fine. My problem lately has been my DVD Shrink. I use Shrink to burn the full disc straight to a DVD+R disc (with the Nero 6: 6.6.15).

It use to work for the first 3 months but for the past 2 weeks it’s been acting up. It will encode fine. Right before it gets to the burning process, my DVD burner makes a loud noise and the LED blinks rapidly (if the burner is working, the LED would blink in a slower pace…don’t know if you needed that info). After the noise, the burn process would stay stuck at 2% for maybe 20-30min and then the “Burn Process Failed” window appears.

Before I would just take the main movie and it would work SOMETIMES…but not anymore. I tried Nero 7 but came up with the same results. I also tried using Clone DVD to burn the full disc but it does the same thing Shrink does. It would encode but will stay stuck right before the burn process.

I looked for updates for Nero 6 but everything’s up to date. I checked for updated drivers for my DVD burner (TSST Corp TS-H552D) but it already uses the latest driver. I tried uninstalling the burner then installing it…nothing. I actually redownloaded Shrink after uninstalling it. For some reason it worked for the first DVD but after that it went back to not working.

Other programs I have installed in my PC: DVDFab Decrypter, FixVTS, RipIt4Me, DVD Region Free CSS, Clone DVD, AnyDVD

I have a Gateway Computer with Windows XP Media Center.

I was thinking maybe I have a virus since it use to work or maybe I have a program that’s conflicting with Shrink.

If anyone knows what I can do or maybe another way of burning the full disc (with menus) please let me know…

Well what kinda of media are you using and what is the burn speed your setting at? Oh yeah is your XP MC updated as well? I read about people having problem with MC on computer that is why they don’t package the MC anymore. MC might be part of the problem there? But what kinda antivirus program and firewall do you have installed? Are the version of the program you have installed updated as well? Are any of those programs running in taskbar when Anydvd is running? Could be too many programs running causing conflicts if they are memory resident or running in the task bar with each other.

I use Memorex which I’ve been using from the start. The XP MC should automatically update but I can check when I get home. I’m at work right now. I thought that could have been the problem but my cousin uses XPMC and his is working fine…my cousin is the one who taught me the process using Shrink. I have McAffee as my antivirus program and firewall. The version of Shrink can no longer be updated…

and yes there are a few of those programs running in the taskbar but which ones should I remove? I have the Region Free CSS and AnyDVD running that are related to DVD software.

The burn speed is at its max…I believe it’s 16x. But like I said, It has been working for me for quite a while until 2-3 weeks ago and I haven’t changed a thing ever since I started.

I would have to mess with my computer tomorrow since I have things to do tonight. I will update XPMC, Nero 6, maybe change my burn speed, and see about the programs running in my taskbar…and I’ll keep you posted.

thanks homie