DVD shrink

I am using DVD Shrink version 3.2. I am trying to copy 1 of my movies, but when I try to open it a message displays saying “not enough memory”. Is there a way round this, or can I split & copy onto 2 discs?

What is the name of the movie?

The movie is called “Closer”

Try ripping with DVDFab HD decrypter first then shrink…

DVD Shrink cannot cope with modern copy protections as it has not been updated in ages (and wont be).

I use DVD Shrink with AnyDVD, this seems to work for all my modern disc backups I do.

Yes use of AnyDvD is needed.

When using DvDShrink save your output as an Iso. Use Imgburn or DvDDecrypter to burn the Iso to disk. If you are using + Media then booktype it to DvD-Rom.

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