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I am currently using DVD shrink to shrink dvd movies to fit on a dvd-r, and then it automatically burns it with nero. In the opinion of you pros :smiley: is it a good program or is there better, thanks

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Welcome znebojsa: Have used it peiodically and it works good. Cant beat the price.
IMO the very best is Anydvd & Clonedvd2 used together(21 day free trial) Very low learning curve. Dvd shrink will not work alone on some newer protections. I have used ripit4me also(free) just a lot harder to set up if your a newb. Hope this helps

thanks for that, any other programs people use?

DVD Shrink is still a wonderful program. Even if you take out the ability to decrypt DVD’s, DVD Shrink is still one of the best at what it does, and it is 100% FREE!

There are other apps now that handle newer protections. For example, many of us have put DVD Decrypter on our systems, along with DVD Shrink. We’d use DVD Decrypter to rip the disk to the hard drive and then DVD Shrink to process it.

Well, as mentioned, there is an app called RipIt4Me that acts as a front end for DVD Decrypter and handles all the newest protections. If you have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter already installed, all you need do is go to the RipIt4Me site:


Download the INSTALLER version, and it will install right over those apps and put an icon on the desktop. Just start up the progam from that icon, follow the wizard and you should be good to go. It includes the FixVTS utility that can help clean up the internal structure to make sure it is compliant, and even has a link to open the ripped movie in DVD Shrink for you:

There is another FREE app called DVDFab Decrypter that can rip the disk to the hard drive and remove the copy protections, and then you can process the movie with DVD Shrink or any other app that handles VIDEO_TS.

RipIt4Me is NOT hard to setup - it’s bone stock easy with the installer - and DVDFab Decrypter is also very easy to setup.

I would not hesitate for one second to recommend continued use of DVD Shrink. Especially with all the recent troubles that AnyDVD has been having, and the fact that you have to PAY for it, and the fact that it is in memory all the time, which may conflict with other apps, I would not recommend anybody purchase AnyDVD right now. Maybe in a month or two if they get all the bugs ironed out, but I would only recommend it as a secondary option after all these great FREE apps. Heck, my own copy of AnyDVD is again uninstalled and pushed by the wayside, and I’m using these free utils instead and not having any of the headaches that AnyDVD seems to be having. RipIt4Me and DVDFab are not resident in memory - they do the job and get out of the way when you close 'em down. Nothing to interfere with other apps that may want to handle the CD/DVD drive.

For more complicated stuff, I bought Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, which is about $50, and it does all sorts of great stuff - from making menus to setting chapters to multi-trimming video, etc. But instead of buying the PLUS version for that extra $30 or $40, if a video I process in DVD MovieFactory 5 is too big to fit on a single layer disk, I just process the VIDEO_TS folder with DVD Shrink and it works awesome.

There ya go. Another opinion to ponder. :slight_smile:


ah thanks…i just currently use dvd shrink with nero, ive never had any problems with protections, can you name any movies with these “newer” protections

and for what you were saying with dvd decrypter, what do you mean it rips the dvd and dvd shrink proccesses it? I though DVD shrink compresses the dvd to fit on a dvd-r and makes .vob files, which nero then burns (Sorry im not a pro at this)

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BK said: “I would not hesitate for one second to recommend continued use of DVD Shrink. Especially with all the recent troubles that AnyDVD has been having…”

AnyDVD rips, much like DVDDecryptor or DVDFabDecryptor, DVDshrink compresses. One has nothing to do with the other. I’ve used and like them all, but use AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 98% of the time. It’s way easier and literally 10 times faster. The Ripit4me combo is outstanding for free, but the AnyDVD/CloneDVD is worth the money.

I have been using DVD Shrink with Nero combine and I love it.