DVD Shrink

I’m using Version 3.2 of DVD Shrink and have been doing successfully for a while now with no problems. Now when I put in a disk it states 'DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue - failed to read E:: incorrect function. I am running XP could this be the settings on my drives - HELP this is driving me mad

Copy protection removal has not been updated for Shrink for a while now. It still works great, but just not with the latest protections.

So, I would recommend ripping the DVD with DVDFab Decrypter or the RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter/FixVTS combo.

Then once you rip the disk to the hard drive and all protections are removed, you can use DVD Shrink to process the vid. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that but the problem is that the disks are not being opened by Shrink even stuff I have copied before with no protection - bizarre

You may wish to do a disk error check, then delete temp files and reboot, then remove and reinstall DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter, and then install the RipIt4Me (from the installer at the link below) it should be able to help open the video in DVD Shrink after the RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS process is complete. With FixVTS, I normally have all boxes checked, let it “fix” the files and then choose the “Open with DVD Shrink” option as in the image below:


Again, the Installer is probably the best way to do it.

Good luck.

Thanks I will give it a blast. Done that no difference - I think the problem is that my drives are both showing as CD instead of my e drive sowing as a DVD drive - any advice on how I can change this?