Dvd shrink

my dvd shrink keeps shutting down when i start burning the movie “insideman”…what is another good burning program besides dvd shrink

Are you sure your hard drive is not fragemented?. As for other programs you can use DVDDcrypter, DVDFAB, NeroVision, Nero Record, ClonDVD and so on.

if i defrag it would that bother it

Try imgburn: it’s one of the best burning softwares available :iagree:

Save shrink’s output as ISO file, and then use imgburn to write on a disc.

what is another good burning program besides dvd shrink

DVD Shrink doesn’t have a burn engine, it relies on DVD Decrypter, Nero or Imgburn for burning it’s output. As geno888 suggested use Imgburn as it has an excellent burn engine that was just recently updated.

the issue has been touched on but only half addressed…your problem isn’t dvd shrinnk as dvd shrink is NOT a burning program.

what program are you actually using to burn that is giving you problems?

burning the movie “insideman”

This movie is also known to have some pretty heavy protection on it, how did you get it to your HDD?

Funny you should have the same problem with Insideman! I tried 2 burns unsuccessfully with this movie using my usual method and finally gave up. I wonder if this particular movie has some special protection we don’t know about? The other one I gave up on was Chronicles of Narnia.

I’m surprised that you find that many movies that DVD Shrink will still remove the copy protection since it hasen’t been updated in almost 2 years. If you want a free program that will remove most new copy protection try Ripit4Me, or DVD Fab Decrypter to rip the disc to your hard drive then use Shrink to compress it to fit on a single layer disc then burn with ImgBurn. All are free and all work very well. Or there are programs like Anydvd and DVD Fab Platinum that will do it all with one program.

I agree with good suggestion from wobble.