Dvd Shrink?

Hi there everyone,

I have episodes of Prison Break that I have downloaded off Rapidshare, that were in Divx avi format, reasonably good quality, each episode being 350 mb for 40 mins of video.

I have converted these into vob files with Winavi video converter,

I have burnt a DVD using reauthor mode in DVD Shrink, it played perfectly on my DVD player, the picture and sound being brilliant, the only thing wrong was the fact i couldn’t use the next chapter button on my remote to change episodes.

I had the episodes as seperate titles in Shrink, but i am unsure of how to make the next chapter button work!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



did you read the rules downloading prison break from rapidshare and asking for help would be against the rules. You must own a legal copy of something to get help here.
If I read the info right on google rapidshare says no copyrighted file is to shared there and I am sure that prison break is copyrighted.

Also cross posting on the forum is not allowed.

Not trying to hard on you but others will if you do not follow the rules.

Oh sorry, I am new to this forum system.

Thanks for your help anyway