Dvd shrink

Hi, I backed up my copy of indiana jones and the last crusade .when i load it up to dvd shrink it says 68.5% on the compression but its 4454mb and dvdshrink is set for 4464mb so it will fit the disk. if its smaller shoudnt it be 100%

Nope, the original is on DL (dual layer media or DVD-9) while the blank media you are using is SL (single layer or DVD-5)

The percentage you see is “how much of the original quality is retained” in the compression process. Generally, the higher the number, the better the quality. This is subjective and has been debated, indeed I have said a lot on the matter… :bigsmile:

You can remove extra’s that you don’t wish to keep such as bonus features, subtitles and audio tracks to increase the amount of space devoted just to the movie.

Would suggest performing a search on the matter, it has been discussed many, many times.

thanks for your quick reply, i use vobblanker and menu shrink but i still only get 68.5% i remove all the extras… so in your opinion when would you use a dl disk , when the compression is 70, 80, … in your opinion

I start thinking about DL media at about 70 or so, two thirds seems to be a good starting point. I’ve gone as low as 60% in some cases.

Results will vary based on the type of movie as well. Movies with little action sequences will compress better than those with lot’s of action or special effects.

If you’re viewing on a television quality isn’t nearly as noticable as it would be on a projector. I can watch most anything on my tv, but when watching on the projector I only watch the originals.

I’m also far more finicky than most, or so I’ve learned. :iagree:

I think the choice of whether to use dual layer media (only Verbatim +R) is often influenced by where you live.
In the UK these are about £4 (US$ 7) so very expensive but I gather in the US they’re very affordable.

Seems that they are down to $2 in the US, here in europe they are approx €3 now.

yes they are $2 fuji brand , i used 2 and seems to work good

Fuji - would be ricoh, or??