DVD Shrink

Say, has the kybosh been put to even forum topics on this or what?

I went to…


…and tried to view thiat site’s guides for 'Shrink 2.3 and all I got was a blank page of ads, etc.

Even tried the other versions of 'Shrink to see if their guides were posted and same thing.

Don’t tell me that ‘Macrodivision’ and Chr’ony have gotten to even the forums now. That was being flip, I really would like to know why I can;t find anything on this site about 'Shrink, ref.http://club.cdfreaks.com/

I just clicked on your link and all the help topics are there. There is also a help file/guide in DVD Shrink itself that works and Doom9.org has a Guide here.:slight_smile:

I am having problems with DVD Shrink. Used to work for me but is now giving error message that Shrink cannot find the file I am trying to open, even though I can see it in the search drop-down menu.

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?