Dvd Shrink?



I am wondering what is the length in minutes of a source Dvd that dvd shrink will reduce for burning onto another dvd?

Will it do it on its own or are there settings that I have to adjust?

For example, I have a 2hr 30 min dvd that I want to backup using DvD Shrink and am using Maxell 4.75 R+ media as one of the recommended brands that my (Dual Layer External BenQ 162I ) support techs have suggested.
Now I wonder if I simply run the program DVD Shrink to fit onto the Maxell media or am I going to have to learn about compression???

I have done a 150 minute DVD Shrink to the above media and it was successful. I made certain that I did a defrag before I tried it, but now I am wondering about this longer dvd and my newness to this program. Not wanting to have to start tampering with settings being a Noob!!

I look forward to comments.



u need some learnin’. if u want, u can click the dvd shrink guide below


Thx for the reply, I went through the suggested reading. I am so new at this ; I guess what I am wondering is so Noob…at what point do I have to start adjusting compression, again I am asking in respect of a 2hr 30 min source dvd?

I am going to re-read again and see if I can get a better understanding.

I look forward to a response as I am just starting out. I use 1 Click DVD Copy to do an identical copy and used to use DVD43 until it quit working and am now using Any Dvd trial right now and it is doing its job.

That is how new I am to working with dvd backups, this 1 Click program was recommended to me and thus that is what I am starting out with to do a straight copy to copy that is a short dvd.

:bow: I hope that I am explaining myself well enough.



There are two aspects to this…
One, you need to remove subtitles and languages you dont want. If the movie has both a DTS and Dolby Digital soundtrack then you have to chose one or the other.
After that, there may still be a need for compression. Read the guide to see how to compress each item on the dvd individually. I normally max out the compression on the menus and extras.


plus, itz not really a case of how long [in Hrs and mins] the dvd is, itz has more to do with how much data you are wanting to remain on you final copy/backups


I should correct this. I am doing backups of purchased music concert dvds and there are no titles etc.
Thus, I am asking about the length of a source that can be copied.

Since I am a Noob, now I realize that most members are doing a back up of movies.

I am a music concert dvd “buff”, and the dvd is all music that is my source.

:bow: Thankyou for the advice and I look forward to comments on this thread that I have posted in order to clarify my query.



DVDShrink will automatically shrink most files down to an appropriate size, without any intervention from you. There have only been 3 or 4 times out of about 100, that I have had to manually tweak settings, or delete out trailers and foreign language to make something the correct size.


Thx for the replies, I just did a 3 hr dvd concert shrink and used any dvd and all went well.
I really appreciate the comments here as I trying to learn as I go, but prepare myself for any potential errors that I might bring upon myself with simply lack of knowledge.
When I spoke to BenQ support the other day they suggested to me that they are confident in my burners support with media made in Japan.
As I mentioned earlier my burner is external 162I, dual layer and I burn in DVD ROM and have been advised by BenQ to use only R+ media and I have the latest firmware from their site.
They have told me not to use Memorex and not to use Kodak nor Verbatim which is readily available up here.

Is it true that media from Japan is superior? The only one that I have been able to find up here in spindles is “Unifino”, British Columbia is sparse for media and so I have been consistently using Maxell as recommended by BenQ and their own brand which is on sale up here.
Would appreciate comments again.



You can also turn on the quality enhancements in DVD Shrink to make a better copy. It will take much longer but the quality will be much better. You can leave the compression in automatic almost always if you have the quality enhancements turned on. You should be able to fit any DVD onto a DVD 5 using Shrink so don’t worry about the size of the source, worry more about the media you are using they weer rihgt with the Memorex media they are absolute crap. Verbatum “datalife” are usually excellent but perhaps your burner doesn’t support them. Go with the Ritek Ridata “branded” you will not be dissappointed

THis is from a previous post but it fits here too.

What you use for blank media makes all the difference in the world when burning movies iincluding concerts. Most of the “name brand” discs are crap for movies and Memorex is the absolute worse, I won’t use them if someone gives them to me. You may get a good batch of “cheap disc” but you never know. If you stick witht he good stuff from a reputable dealer you always know what you are getting.

I almost always use Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R. I have burned over 200 movies and never had a coaster that wasn’t my fault. A slower burn is better when doing DVD’s I usually burn at 2.4X sometimes at 4X but never faster than that. Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R are top of the line discs for movies and they are cheaper than most I get them through meritline.com a very good and reliable company with an outstanding return policy.

Another choice that you can get at Best Buy if you don’t like to shop over the web is Verbatim “datalife” (they look like old movie reels on the top of the disc), Not all of the verbatim are the same either, these are the only other ones I use.

You can also use TY’s but the ones that are good enough for movies are expensive

Here’s a link: http://meritline.com/ritek-8x-dvd-p...edia-discs.html


Thx for the reply and the link, I know now which Verbatims that you are referring to… That was an excellent description of what is on the container :iagree: . I have looked at them, however because it said “data” I thought the media may not agree with my concert music.
That’s all I am doing at the moment is backing up my music concerts.
I love my concerts!!!

I did a DVD Identifier on tne Japanese Unifino brand that is available here in B.C. and it showed that it is “Unitech Japan Inc.” and Intermedia???

Anyone know of this brand and experience with this one??
As I mentioned it is the only one available up here that is made in Japan that is in large spindles.

:bow: Thx for the responses and the advice on the max burn time of 4X.

Now for a silly question, where do I set that Max burning time??? I use Dvd Shrink and then burn with Nero.

Sorry to sound so Noob, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

So far all of my burns have gone well, probably just luck! :iagree:

i really look forward to more comments.

Regards with much thanx!!! :smiley:


Sorry you’ve got me I haven’t ever adjusted the Max burn time and I don’t even remember seeing it.

I haven’'t heard of either of them but I would bet they are made by CMC

Don’t worry about the Japanese made discs stick with the Verbatim and the Ritek


The reference about the 4X burn speed that I made was in reference to the post in which Michigan mentioned the “slower the speed the better” and that burns were done by this member at 2.4X or 4X and that is why I asked where I would see the adjustment to these speeds.

That is how Noob I am to all of this. I have simply been using the Default with Shrink and it has been doing fine.
However I don’t know what the default is.

Thankyou for your patience.

Cheers :iagree:


In Nero you should see this on the last site before you start to burn, you’ll see there
the burn button and writing speed settings, just click on it and select your writing speed!
But remember with a fast burner and for example 8x certified quality media like TY, it’s
not always recommended to burn at 4x, sometimes it would be better to choose on media
like this 8x, you’ll get perfect results, too!



This seems very useful information for me, as I’ve been having problems with burning DVD’s as they keep freezing towards the end of a movie when I play them back on my DVD player. I’ve tried using a few different brands of media (but none of the brands you have mentioned above), and also most of my burns have been done at either 4x or 8x speed, I have never done any at 2.4x.

The media I’ve used in the past have been Arita, PioData (both with Ritek G05 dye) and Datawrite classic (fujifilm03 dye), all of which are DVD-R. Is there any improvement in using DVD+R ??

Also, I use Nero to burn my DVD’s but I’ve noticed now that a lot of people don’t recommend using it, is there anything better that I could be using ??