is there a new version of DVD Shrink that will decrypt the new Sony/Col. TriStar Copy Protectoin?

I have heard some rumors, the author is now working for ahead.
I don’t know, whether it is true or not.
If it true, I would not expect any updates for DVDShrink.

Nero recode sure looks a lot like DVDshrink “4.0”. :wink:

You can use AnyDVD with DVDshrink. Or you can rip with DVDdecryptor and then DVDshrink.

yes, use dvd decrypter, then dvd shrink todecreas the sizeof the files, it works

dvd shrink can only analyse 24% of australian ‘The Forgotten’

Dvd Shrink can’t handle Sony’s ARcoSS protection used on “The Forgotten”. Rip with Dvd Decrypter (which can) first.

i use dvd shrink 3.1 and it will burn most movies to play in my dvd player, but they won’t play in my x-box. anyone have any ideas on this.

@ graz62
For X-Box backups, have a look at this :slight_smile: