DVD Shrink

I’ve been using DVD Shrink 3.1 for at least 6 months with no problems and then it automaticly burns with nero to DVD. (Decrypt with DVD Decrypter)

I havent changed a thing that i can think of, and “enable burning with nero” is checked, but now all Shrink will do is shrink , put them in a folder, and then wont fire up the DVD copy process and i have to do it manually.

I wracked my brain trying to figure out what could have changed, the only thing that i can think of is that just downloaded a newer version of DVD Decrypter (which i could have swore i’ve used already and its worked fine).

I also can seem to see any other settings related to this “automatic use of burn software” anywhere in DVD shrink (like the path to where it finds nero and such)

Any ideas? (i cant seem to use the newer version of shrink, it just makes coaster after coaster so i went back to 3.1 )

The only way to get Nero to burn automatically is to select the writer as a target device.

If you select create ISO image and burn with DVD Decrypter. Decypter will launch automatically and start burning,

If you select a HDD folder as the target devce. Then it won’t launch a burning program at all. It will leave a video_ts/audio_ts folder on the HDD.

Hmmm, DVD Shrink does not make coasters, it prepares ISO, another program has to burn it.
Or do you mean that the ISO comes out corrupted? Try not to burn automatically, and just make the ISO,. then load in Daemon Tools and play, check if it is working. I do not burn automatically, I always take the extra steps, and I prefer DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO, no need the overhead of Nero API calls.
It seem to me that you did not configure DVD Shrink v3.2 properly. Maybe just uninstall and remove all traces of it, then re-install and verify and set options.,

yes, reinstall all software…
I have an idea for u, buy a DVD+RW, test ur first burn on this DVD.u will save some coaster on ur DVD-+R .