DVD shrink

How long does an average movie take to “analyze” in DVD shrink. Does this depend on the speed of your PC? If not, is there any way to speed the process up a bit. I just analyzed a movie and it took apprx. 60 minutes to analyze. Is this normal?


r u talking about the initial analysis after Open Disk or Deep Analysis

the deep analyis right before it goes into DVD decryptor for burning

depends on PC specs and movie length

PC specs definitely make the biggest difference when it comes to ripping. I had a POS celeron that was 1.1GHZ with 128MB of ram and it took an average of 1 hour 20 minutes to run DVD Shrink with the Deep Analysis. I now have a P4 2.4GHZ with 256MB DDR RAM and it takes an average of about 25 minutes with the Deep Analysis. Obviously film length matters too but PC specs make the biggest difference.

Same experience here and it is not just your cpu, it’s the speed of your system. I have one system that has an athlon xp2400 266 fsb, 512mb pc2100 and a cheapo motherboard. I have another system that has an athlon xp 2500 (overclocked to 3150) fsb 333 (overclocked to 400), 512mb pc3200 (with beter latency) and an abit nf7-s and the faster computer can do it 5-10 minutes faster.
Size of the movie matters too. On my fast system, a movie that requires no compression takes not much more than 5 minutes while one that requires heavy compression takes more like 25-30 minutes.
Fyi I am using nero but it is similar to dvd shrink and the same concepts apply.