DVD Shrink won't ~ Thelma & Louise

[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=3][B]I’ve never run into this problem before, maybe someone else has. I’m lost as to what to do… Here’s the scenario…

  1. Thelma and Louise: Special Edition
  2. DVD Shrink errors for CRC.
  3. DVD Fab Decrypter rips it down to the hard drive just fine.
  4. DVD Shrink works just fine and reports 75% compression ratio to get it down to 4,464 Meg. Which works just fine.
  5. The output from step #4 (DVD Shrink) comes out to being 5.53 Gig.
  6. What the…?
  7. Tried Shrinking the output AGAIN, with the same results of 5.53 Gig. (which won’t fit on a DVD (single layer)
    I’m trying another rip from the disk using DVD Decrypter now.

Any ideas? Anyone seen this happen before, or can we name this disease after me? LOL


And you’ve checked all your settings carefully again?

I’ve checked the DVD Shrink settings, but I’m not all that familiar with DVD Fab Decrypter, or DVD Decrypter, so I’ve always just let it do it’s thing with the defaults!


Have you tried to rip the movie with DVDDecrypter now? :slight_smile:

OMG! I think I’ve got it Watson! LOL

DVD Decrypter choked with an error similar to a CRC, so I tried VOB Blanker against the disk itself, but the output was garbled (hard to explain, it was kinda like digitized into huge pixels!) Okay, so this is what I did to finally get it (at least I think it’s working, it was burning when I left home from lunch just now)

  1. Ripped from disk to hard drive using DVD Fab Decrypter.
  2. Ran VOB Blanker from output of #1 to another folder.
  3. I checked the VOB Blanker output, which looked good.
  4. Ran DVD Shrink from output of #2 to another folder.
  5. I didn’t get a chance to check the output from #4, but the size was okay to burn to a DVD (which I left running, as stated above!)

Dang! I just love a challenge! I forget who said it (sorry) but someone here said that they might have padded the disk with blanks files, which DVD Shrink didn’t “see” yet copied to the output anyway. Which appears to be the case.

I would enter this scenario into the Copy Protection List, but I wouldn’t know how to word it, and I don’t “really” know what was happening “under the covers”

Yup, it worked. Man, what a battle! Thanks to whoever suggested VOB Blanker.