DVD Shrink won't shrink video to fit on 4.7GB DVD



Everything was working fine as I was trying to get a music video shrunk to fit on a 4.7GB DVD. After initial analysis compression was up to 62%. I decided to do a deep analysis. About 96% through DVD Shrink encountered an error and closed. When I reluanched the program and reinserted the DVD, Automatic compression was at 92% with the “slider” all the way to the left and the file was too big to fit on the DVD. I tried to enter a custom setting but it would not take it. I restarted Deep Analysis and it picked up from where it left off, but it will not let me compress the DVD enough to fit on a 4.7GB disk.

I uninstalled DVD Shrink and re-installed it. Same problem. It “remembered” that particular disk was already analyzed and won’t go below 92%. I tried a different movie and everything works fine. But when I load up the disk I started with I can’t get it to shrink.

Is there a way for me to “erase” the memory that DVD Shrink has for this disk and start from scratch or what do I need to do. I have been all through the preferences settings and everything is fine.

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Do you have Shrink set to 4.7 or 8.5 Gb


Under Edit/Preferences I have Target DVD Size set to DVD-5 4.7GB (4464 MB). If there is a different place for me to make this setting I don’t know where it is.


No that is correct. I have had that setting wrong which results in pretty much the same symptom you have. There is a help at the top of Shrink


look at my post here

Also, you will lose sharpness, but you can run DVD Shrink twice, what I mean, run it once at the maximum comopression just to create ISO that will be bigger than 4.38GB, do not burn. Then do Open Image on this ISO and compress again.


Thanks Goudo: I found the analysis results files and deleted them. If this doesn’t work I’ll try saving as an ISO and then compresses again. I’ll post back with results. Thanks again.


I always go down to ISO first anyway so Goudo gave excellent advice there. :slight_smile: Good luck with it Unwired!


After deleting the analysis results I was able to get DVD Shrink to re-analyze the disk. I encountered some type of error about 50% throughthe encoding and had to exit DVD Shrink. Tried it again and got the same result. I was able to make an uncompressed ISO image using DVD Decrypter. When I tried to run the ISO through DVD Shrink, it again encountered an error and had to be closed, but this was now at about 98% through.

So now that I resolved one problem I have a different one. I may try re-installing DVDShrink and see what happens.


If the results are just over the limit. The files can be shrinked a second time to make it fit. If deep analysis and AEC is used the drop in quality should be minimum.

I use a custom limit of 4452MB (4.34GB) and never had a problem.


Remember this error is happening to me during encoding not during burning. I haven’t had a chance to attempt a burn yet. So I doubt the size limit is the issue unless there is something I don’t realize.

Over in the Afterdawn DVD Shrink forum they recommended that I first run DVD Decrypter but do so in File mode instead of ISO mode. They claim this has fewer errors when the file is then loaded and compressed in DVD Shrink. I’m going to give that a try tonight and see what happens.


All rip using DVD Decrypter in FILE mode. Use Shrink to compress. You can also go to Slysoft.com to download AnyDVD and CloneDVD.


I went ahead and ripped the DVD using DVD Decrypter in FILE mode. I then used DVD Shrink to create an ISO image from those files. Finally I burned the inage to a DVD disk back in DVD Decrypter. Everything seemed to work fine. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try playing it in my DVD player and make sure it plays back OK.


As an update. When I tried to play the disk, the DVD player claimed it was an “unidentified disk”. I tried re-burning the ISO image created by Shrink from the Files produced by Decrypter in File mode and got the same result. Therefore, even this approach ended up with a bad ISO image even though it completed the process. I am now trying CloneDVD using the files that Decrypter placed on my hard drive. It completed the transcoding process and started the burn when I had to leave. I will repost later on and let you know if that was successful or not.


Backing up with CloneDVD from the DVD Decrypter “files” worked. The DVD plays well. This does indicate the problem has been with how DVD Shrink made the ISO image file. It is interesting that Clone DVD can make a perfectly good DVD from the same files that DVD Shrink was unable to.


Hmmmm. Very Strange, I’ve used Shrink for quite some time without problems other than cyclic redundancy which decryptor normally fixes. Looks like you’ll be using Clone DVD from now on.


I always work in file mode. The source is in FILE mode. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. KISS.

Note that the default of CloneDVD is also in FILE mode.