Dvd shrink wont show a burner

Hello i am new here and i have a problem i just updated and installed 2 lg gh20sl10 sata dvd burners and a new sata hd. after installng dvd shrink and nero 6.3 when i go to back up a movie dvd shrink does not show a dvd burner. it only shows a iso image option or hard drive. nero does show both of my burners also in the backup options i cant see any burn settings what do i do???

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Since Shrink uses the Nero burning engine, and that’s an old version of Nero, chances are you need a Nero update to recognise your nice new burners :wink:

Edit: Nevermind, I see you mentioned that Nero itself recognises them.

Do you have the option to burn with Nero checked?

Which did you install first, Dvd Shrink or Nero?

yes burn with nero is checked

i tried it both ways nero first then shrink first

So what happens when you choose to burn with Nero?

if i use nero only i can burn anything but it just wont show my dvd burner as a backup target in shrink

In the drop down box there are no drives to choose?

Have you checked all settings?

foumd the problem i had to upgrade my nero and now everything works fine thanks for all the help