DVD Shrink Won't Open

I have been using DVD Shrink 3.2 for a few weeks and everything worked great including burning to Nero. I tried downloading a new program(Nero 7) and then had to delete it after it didn’t work. I had to reload Nero 6. After that DVD Shrink now takes 17 minutes to open the program. The program works fine at shrinking but then during the burning with Nero 6, it will sometimes stop the burn process always at 29% burned. Sometimes it will burn o.k. but most times it stops at the 29% mark (4 out of 5 disks stop). I have tried to reload DVD Shrink several times but always end up with the same problem. I don’t think the problem is with nero as DVD Shrink should not take 17 minutes to open the program. Any suggestions. Please be specific as I am not too computer savvy. Thanks.

This is a double posting. The forum rules state that this is not allowed.