DVD Shrink wont compress past 90% with Jackass 2



have it set to DVD5 and automatic compression will only got to link 96% and so will manual… i have copied other DL DVD’s sucessfuly with this before the dvd i used before was Borat does anyone know whats wrong???

edit … the pic says 80% for custom but it doesnt work so just ignore the 80% for the custom


what does the screen show after running analysis and setting compression to automatic?


Just ignore the Warning when selecting “Back-Up”

Shrink -[I][B][U] will [/U] [/B] [/I] - Compress to the required 4.36GB - no problem

It’s one of those - Shrink needs an Update - things

I’ve received the same Issue - from quite a few of the Newer Releases
All Resulted in a Perfect 4.36GB Back-Up

Just Ignore it - Shrink will compress it
It is a Completely False Report/ Warning