DVD Shrink won't compress a movie

Hello everyone,

I have been successfully been using DVD Shrink coupled with AnyDVD (now to backup movies for many months now. Recently I’ve run into a couple of cases where, after Shrink does its initial analysis of the movie, it appears with a size far greater than the max 4,464MB and does not allow greater compression than 98% or so of the original size, which is not nearly small enough to fit on a regular 4GB DVD. The most recent example of this is with “The Golden Compass”: the main move is coming out at 6,120MB and won’t compress any more than 98.9%. I’ve tried a couple of different things, such as ripping it first to an ISO and then opening the image with Shrink, and get the same result. I’ve been searching in the posts here to see if anyone has the same problem, but can’t find anything.

Am I missing something obvious here??

Thanks for any help,


Try ripping the movie to the hard drive with the built in ripper in AnyDVD. Rip to files. Then try compressing with Shrink.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, run the files you get from the AnyDVD rip through FixVTS, then try compressing.