DVD Shrink with DVD Decrypter guide

Credits: michigan for creating the guide

Here’s a basic guide for Shrink with Decrypter any problems let me know.

Before you begin I would like to highly recomend that you buy some high quality blank media. That doesn’t mean expensive I use Ritek “RiData” branded disc’s they are in my opinion one of the best yet they can be bought for .45 to .55 USD. “Cheap” media will cause you many problems and headaches so to avoid these problems start out right.

First create a folder for your backup I recommend placing it on your desktop for easy access. This is where Shrink will do it’s work on your movie files and Decrypter will find them to burn to disc.

Next download Decrypter and under mode select “ISO, Write”. Un-tick the box that says “Verify”. Where it says, “source”, you’ll leave that blank as Decrypter will automatically find the location of your backed up DVD file. Where it says “Destination”, select the drive which is your DVD burner. Close Decrypter, Shrink will open it /automaticly when it’s time for it.

Open Shrink it and click “Edit” at the top, then click “Preferences” then for “DVD Target Size”, select “Custom” and set the size to 4300MB You do this to make sure that the disc doesn’t get burned to close to the edge of the disc. Then under the “File I/O” tab un-tick “Enable burning with Nero” then click “OK”

Place your original DVD in your DVD-ROM drive and a DVD blank in your DVD burner drive. If you only have one drive, put your original in that drive now. When the time comes for you to put in your blank disc either the drive door will open OR a message will appear instructing you to insert a blank disc. I recommend either Ritek G-04 “branded” or Verbatim “datalife” (they look like old movie reels). Poor quality media causes many, many problems so save yourself some grief and buy the good stuff from the start.

Now let’s burn a DVD. Today we’re doing a total backup, that’s all the things on the original disc. There’s no problem in doing this as long as we do not see any “Red” on the size bar at the top, right-hand area of DVD Shrink’s program. (If you should see some “Red” there, on the size bar, simply “Un-tick” any foreign languages, Director’s comments or DTS sound boxes until the “Red” disappears.) With no “Red” visible on the size bar we just let the “Automatic” (Default) settings alone. THEN we select “Backup”.

Take just a second and under “Target Device” go to "Select backup target " once there, select “ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter”. Now, under "Quality Settings, “tick” “Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation” there you may adjust quality enhancements. Practicing with the settings can produce even better end products. For a no-frills DVD’s like “There’s something about Mary” I like Extra Smooth BUT for DVD’s with a lot of special effects, I use the Extra Sharp setting.

That’s for me, you’ll have to decide what you like If all the boxes are “grayed out” that’s OK, it means your DVD is small enough that little will be lost from the original. Finally, where it says “Select target image file”, browse till you find your created folder for your backup and click “Save”. That’s it ! Click “OK” and DVD Shrink burns that ISO image to your HD. It then opens DVD Decrypter and has it burn the ISO image to your waiting blank DVD.

When you are burning a DVD you should not be doing anything else with your computer. There have been a lot of problems from people multitasking while burning so leave the computer alone.