DVD Shrink w/ NERO 7 suddenly won't burn



I have DVD Shrink 3.0 & Nero 7 installed & have used these to burn DVDs successfully until today. When I click on back-up after the disc has been analyzed the shrink goes thru the whole process up till the disc ejects. Then instead of asking for a disc to burn I get an error message that says though the files are stored on the hard drive the burn process failed because file allocation was unsuccessful. Can someone tell me what’s going on?


Not sure what is going on here. You can uninstall DVDShrink, then reinstall and see if that helps. The last version was 3.2, and can be found here if you need the download: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD_Shrink

The next thing I would try would be to uninstall Nero 7, download the Nero 7 clean tool from Nero’s site and run that, then reinstall the program. Make sure you have the serial number saved somewhere before going through these steps.


I was mistaken about the Nero 7. What I had before was an earlier version, I believe is it was Nero 6. I uninstalled that and installed Nero 7 from a CD I purchased & discovered that the 7 doesn’t seem to have Nero Burning ROM in the program.Since that’s the only part of the program I use I was wondering if anyone knows if there’s somewhere I can download a version of Nero that has it for free. The Nero 6 I had I got from a friend on a floppy I don’t know the location of.



All Nero versions have a trial only version (even version 6) - then you must buy the program.

Suggest that you try the free Imgburn instead - available at:


Or go to eBay and try and find someone selling Nero 6 with the serial number.


There is a version of DVDShrink that can use ImgBurn instead of DVDDecrypter or Nero to burn the disk. You can find the link for the executable here: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/664041

Follow the instructions in the first post in that thread for installation.


Can anyone tell me why DVDShrink doesn’t show up on my programs list or under “add or remove programs,” but is actually on my computer & launches when I click on the quick-launch icon in the tray? I want to uninstall it so I can install the version that works with IMGburn but can’t do that if I can’t find it.


If you have a DVDShrink folder in your Program Files it has an uninstall.
The file on my os is unins000.exe


Thanks, but I can’t find any such folder or file for DVD Shrink anywhere, even though the program is there & works when I click on the quick-launch. I did find files for different versions of the program & one for an shortcut icon I no longer use, but not for the 3.2 that seems to be installed somewhere on the os. Once I deleted those to recycle, I searched again & came up empty


Which operating system are you using? Is this a 64bit operating system? If so, the DVDShrink folder will be in Program Files (x86).


Probably a good call Kerry56 .I’m not using a 64bit system but a friend is & I remember seeing the 2 Program Files folders on his Windows 7.
If your not using a 64bit amichael1947 try doing a search for " DVD Shrink " just like that without the quotes.
I’ve never tried to use DVD Shrink as a portable or stand alone executable but it might be possible. Do you remember creating a DVD Shrink that works that way ?