DvD Shrink vs CloneDvD comparison, and results

I just installed the trial version of CloneDvD 2, and burned “Last Holiday w Queen Latifah” to a folder on my harddrive, then burnt it to another folder on my harddrive with Dvd Shrink (using AnyDvd with both), and played the results (Using WinDvd). I really think that DvD Shrink’s quality was much better. In both tests, I took off everything (coming attractions, extras, etc), except in CloneDvD I checked “Preserve Menus”, (just because I could, and with Shrink, once you take anything away, you lose menu functionality :frowning: ). Also, CloneDvD was a lot faster, but that probably was because I was able to choose quality settings on DvD Shrink, and the higher the quality of analyzation, the longer the wait, but the wait is definitely worth it! CloneDvD doesn’t seem to give you access to quality settings at all; it reminds me a lot of an old program I used to have called DvD Santa, that was blazingly fast, but the quality was “just okay”.

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You are correct clonedvd’s quality with medium-high compression is not as good as Shrink, have a look. Clonedvd is the first picture.

The movie is Lord of the Rings return of the king (movie only)192min 67% compression.

Also something else weird just happened. Although I had already played a small sample of the version of the movie recorded with CloneDvD to my harddrive, just now, when I tried to play it again, with WinDvd, it said “This player is incompatible with the region marking on this disc”, and non of my other players, including PowerDvd, would play it either! Apparently AnyDvD didn’t do its job here, which is weird, they are both made by the same company, you would think they would work [B]better[/B] together. And why did it play the first time, and [B]then[/B] become rendered useless?? :confused: And also, why is it referring to a “disc” when I was playing DvD files recorded to my harddrive? (by the way, the original had long been removed from the dvd burner tray)… Man, I hope Dvd Shrink is around forever, because I don’t think the quality can be duplicated…

1st thing slysoft is not the company that made clonedvd2 Elby did but anydvd has been made fully compatable with clonedvd2.

2nd Did you configure anydvd correctly, is all the boxes ticked in the feature removal section. Have you selected the correct region that you are in? Also have you ever had dvd43 on your pc as that will cause major conflicts with anydvd. Another thing is make sure in the navigation you have remove annoying adverts and trailers off, as it does not work with all movies.

I have had anydvd for a very long time and have never had a problem with it. I have used it with Shrink,Recode2,1click pro,dvd decrypter.

Maybe I’m just lucky

EDIT: dvdshrink is no longer supported/updated as the man who made shrink now works for nero. As you like shrink you might like Nero recode 2 as it is developed by the same man.

EDIT: I have just finished some tests regarding transcoders I have clonedvd2,Shrink,1Click dvd copy pro,and Nero recode 2 and the clear winner for me was Nero recode 2


1st recode 2
2nd Shrink
3rd 1click pro
4th clonedvd2 (very disapointing)