DVD Shrink VOB message

When I try to load a series of VOB files into DVDShrink I get an error that certain VOB file are missing. However, when I play my movie in PowerDVD for example, everything works fine, and the movie plays without a hitch. Any ideas?

I tried using VOBBlanker to remove the VOB’s that the IFO was looking for and still was unable to save the new changes. I’d really like to make a copy of this DVD as I am unable to reach my friends copy again until he comes back from vacation. Is there anything that I can do to fix this situation?

Also, (different question), I made a backup of Die Another Day DVD, and during a fight scene, even in PowerDVD, it hangs for about 4 seconds and then eventually gets past the problem area and continues the movie. IF I were to burn this would the problem still persist, or is there a program which can correct this hanging during the movie? These are also VOB files as well.

hmmm… what program did you use to make the first copy, or was that from the original disc?

well i am not sure, maybe he used DVDDecryptor as he made the files for me originally, brought over his external harddrive, and we copied it over to my PC. I didn’t get a chance to try and burn until later yesterday and when I opened DVDShrink I got a missing VOB error. We did take out extras and that sort of stuff, so maybe that is what it’s looking for, but i’m still confused as to why it generates this error and yet still plays fine on PowerDVD without a hitch.

:cop: Copying a rented or movies you don’t own is illegal and shouldn’t be posted at all. However, no one really cares nowadays so I’ll butt-out-of-it. :wink:

true…but he never mentioned anything about a commerical dvd…so it could be like some other video…but i doubt it.