DVD Shrink Ver 3.2



Hi all. Need help on a problem with DVD Shrink. When using Re-Author in program, works just great , I need to do a warm boot to get out of the program. Big time hang.Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sys info:

Asus P4P800D
1 Gig DDR 3200 RAM
P4-2.8Gig Process
( 3 ) 80 Gig Maxtor SATA Drives, 2 for Windows XP-Pro , 1 deticated to Linux
BenQ 1620
LightOn 52246


More info needed. . .

What is the input: DVD drive or Files or Image, it is working on Full Disc?
Have you used DVD Shrink successfully before?
At what point it hangs the system? When analysing? when transcoding? Do you continute directly to burn with Nero or DVD Decrypter?
Also what title you try to backup? search the forums, might be one of the new ARccOS protection.


Thanks fr the response. Sorry not to give add info. No problem coping any other movies at all except when using the Re-Author function. have burned 20 or so. presently using Nero to burn but have been using Clone DVD also with great results.Thanks.