DVD Shrink Transcode(Backup) time significantly slow

Ok. I know there have been other posts with significant titles, I’ve searched through them and tried what I could, my problem still exists. :frowning:

I have a LiteOn 1633S (BS0H) that I use to rip my movies to my hard drive and use DVD Shrink to rip/transcode and the latest Nero to burn (Sometimes I use DVD Decrypter to rip). If I put in a movie that needs no compression (less than 4.4gb or so) I can pull the movie to the drive in approximately 5 minutes whether it be with DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink. If ever I need to compress a movie in DVD Shrink, it takes a LOT longer than it should on my system. If I have a movie that gets knocked down to 80% compression or so in DVD Shrink, it always takes almost 1.5 hours to complete the “Backup” or transcoding. If the compression is more, somtimes its over 2 hours for the backup. I’ve talked to a few friends with less-speedy setups than me (and searched this and many other forums) and it seems like everyone else is getting under 1/2 hour for their “Backup” process within DVD Shrink; in somewhat similar systems. I do not have the quality enhancements enabled and I do not have deep analysis enabled. (Yes, I realize those improve quality :iagree: )

I have an AthlonXP 3000+ 333bus, and 1gb of PC2700 (333mhz). My 2 hard drives are on the primary ide chain, both identical Maxtor 80gb and both running at Ultra DMA 6. They are not raided. My LiteOn 1633S (BS0H) is the Master on the secondary ide chain. There is no slave connected. The 1633S is running at Ultra DMA 4.

Read speed tests in Nero and in Kprobe show an average rip speed of about 11.5x. I assume that is correct since I can rip a DVD in less than 5 minutes if I’m not transcoding. The only other cd/dvd related software I have installed is Daemon-Tools, Nero, and CloneCD. All of which I have disabled or closed while DVD Shrink is active.

I’ve also just finished running System Cleanup, defragmenting both of my hard drives, and ran a registry cleaner. I’m an IT at my college and troubleshoot computers all the time, but I have to admit, I’m out of ideas on this one. Anyone wanna shuffle some ideas my way on how to get this transcoding faster?

Thanks ahead of time. :wink:

OK, this I have come across before, the only difference being, the drive was slow across the board, naturally if a title needs no compression, there is less data, but this shouldn’t make such a drastic difference. Number one cause could be a rip-lock - 5x max speed limit set in firmware when reading movie dvds(e.g. dvds with video_ts dir). It exists in pretty much any modern dvd drive, just like rpc protection. This requires a hacked firmware revision to remove all borders, which will void warranties, but produces amazing results. Number two it could (but I doubt) be caused by the app. The best transcoder I know of is the current Any and Clone DVD. Try downloading the trials and see what or if there is any difference. From what you say of your system setup the most important thing is DMA which you have set correctly, so I’m clutching at straws with my 2 suggestions.

@pollushon - Thanks a ton for your reply. I’ve got CloneDVD sitting around somewhere, so I will install that and see if there is an improvement. I think i’ll toss a post in the LiteOn forum and ask about the riplock on the 1633S anyways, since I know people are getting better performance than I am.

The one thing I did notice, when I rip a DVD that doesn’t need compression, the speed goes well over 14,000 K/sec (I don’t remember what it’s peaked at). When I try to rip and transcode, I noticed the speed is only ever about 1,400 - 1,500 K/sec. I know I already mentioned the speed difference, but this gives you guys some numbers to think about if anyone is interested.

Wow. I was in agreement with you, didn’t think it would be the app causing the problems. It definately was. :confused: CloneDVD made a backup in 18 minutes at 60% compression…the same DVD in DVD Shrink took 1hr and 50min. That seems really odd to me. Anyone else experienced this problem with DVD Shrink? I would like to use DVD Shrink to do my backups if at all possible. :sad:

I guess thats the difference between free and paying through the nose!

Did you have AnyDVD enabled when using Shrink? Also, do you have DVD Region+CSS Free or DVDIdle Pro? How about any Roxio software?

Did you try uninstalling & re-installing IDE drivers?

I didn’t have AnyDVD even installed when I was messing with Shrink. Only after pollushon had reccomended it with CloneDVD, did I install/enable it.

I don’t have any of that software.

That I have not done. I’ll give it a try, since I’m completely open to suggestions, but I don’t think thats the issue since CloneDVD can do the process so much quicker than Shrink.

Ok. Tried reinstalling the IDE drivers, I disabled my Symantec Auto-Protect as well, and Shrink still reported the same time estimate… This is mind-boggling. Any more suggestions?

According to my experience DVDShrink is mush slower in some cases. I was struggling with myself just the other day trying to force the use of DVDShrink over CloneDVD2. But the latter has won. When I got the message that the file is too big…well… I gave up on DVDShrink. I will stick to my first and fav software: CloneDVD2.

And as someone put it: what you pay is what you get :frowning:

Well. I’ll almost agree to that. The quality that comes out of DVD Shrink is very nice, I have no problems with it. But I seem to have some rare case with speed. Other users are doing just nicely with their free DVD Shrink. :slight_smile:

I used DVD decrypter and ripped a DVD to files and ripped it to an .ISO. I ran the files through DVD Shrink and Shrink reported the same time estimate. I mounted the .ISO to Daemon-Tools, loaded it up in Shrink and it gave me the same 1.5-2hr time estimate. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem is most definately DVD Shrink. Why it is giving immense speed issues, I’m not certain, but am going to try to use some older versions to see if that helps. I’ll post here if I find one that works better. Thanks to all of you for your help.

Estimates should never be relied upon. even decrypter will over-estimate the total rip time when it begins…notice the total rip time/estimate will lessen as ripping proceeds. you could pay/buy nero recode v2x - and get the payware version of dvd shrink :slight_smile: … no truth in payware being always superior to freeware.
but i am biased. for me and my needs dvd shrink rules !
dvd shrink forum

I let it sit for several minutes…and I know that the speed increases, but I’ve done a LOT of these rips and know that timeframe pretty well. When your DVDShrink is taking 2hours per rip and I’ve been doing nothing but testing, ya, I’m gonna rely on that time somewhat. When it’s showing me the same time over and over after a good 5-10 minutes in the rip, I know nothing has changed. :wink:

On another note, if anyone else happens to come across this same problem, downgrading to DVD Shrink allowed me to rip considerably faster. Now able to do most ~8gb backups around 35 minutes within DVD Shrink.

Having same problem: dvd shrink v has slowed down considerably. Why? don’t know. Ripped in 35 minutes, now registering several hours.

Can’t rip.

Can anyone direct me to a copy of DVD shrink v 3.1 to test. I used to have it but installed the newer v. 3.2 a year or so ago and all was fine till these past two weeks or so when I tried to rip a badly scratched dvd and darn if the problem began to start.

(DVD Decrypter did rip the movie but I can only play it on computer and not compress the file)

Have made sure DMA is set, defragged, cleaned up system, restored system, nothing helps.

Unistalled v3.2 and reinstalled a newer downloaded version of v 3.2



And I guess you have no idea what you are talking about. As long as there’s no newer copy protection scheme on the DVD, Shrink is as fast as anything. Quite possible the DVD in question has a difficult protection on it and CloneDVD can bypass it.

Chetwood, your post shows YOU’RE the one with n oidea what you’re talking about. Please get facts straight before jumping on another poster.

CloneDVD does not, has never, and will never be able yo bypass ANY type of copy protection. It only processes fully unprotected discs, so your conclusion doens’t seem to be valid…

But at least I know what year it is - I would suggest thinking carefully maybe even researching before posting a derogatory comment that makes you look like the nOOb L33+ MaStEr. :doh:

I simply assumed CloneDVD was used IN CONJUNCTION with AnyDVD. If not, so be it. Still I’m positive that DVD Shrink is not considerably slower than competing transcoders if a similar level of output quality is aimed at.

Well I guess you know the old ASSUME analogy. DVD Shrink is not slower across the board - just for a handful of users - it probably didnt have the same amount of rigourous hardware config testing that most payware would. At the time of this thread the only common protection on DVD’s was CSS - Sony’s ArccOS was a little bit later. Either way most users of DVD Shrink that had target time issues and posted on this forum could not solve it by using Any DVD with Shrink - which ruled out the whole Protection issue anyways. Admittedly I was somewhat biased to Transcoding apps in my earlier days - Ive since come around to the conclusion of all things (worthy) are equal.

From what I’ve read on the DVD Shrink forums almost any speed problems boiled down to slow or misconfigured hardware (DMA settings and stuff) or comparing apples to oranges (with AEC settings to none and so on) so I’m very hesitant to believe that it’s different this time. Since I most likely won’t have the DVDs in question here I won’t be able to test out for myself.

Here, there are speed differences between Shrink, Clone and Recode, assuming similar settings. Shrink is the slowest at analyzing, compared to Recode, but encoding speed is identical. Clone is faster in most cases from start to finish, but picture quality is lower given equal levels of compression. If you turn off the extra quality settings in Shrink/Recode, the picture quality is nearly equal to Clone, although it remains slightly slower. Once Shrink implemented the extra quality settings, I stopped using Clone completely. I don’t care how fast it is if the results are good.

As always, using quality settings in Shrink will slow it down a LOT, especially if you are compressing below 90%. Below 80% is VERY slow, and below 70% is a good hour depending on the CPU of course.

If you’re watching movies on a smaller screen (under 40"), it’s questionable whether you need the extra quality settings in Shrink.