Dvd shrink to samsung dvd player and general media question

i copy dvd’s on my computer with dvd shrink…often these discs do not play on my samsung dvd/vcr recorder combo player i burn these on verbatim discs and often (get this!) when i copy the verbatim copy to a generic office depo disc it PLAYS! on the samsung player…now the verbatim copies WILL play on my old stand-alone dvd player?!!..oddly enough i notice everyone reccomends verbatim here …is there something i’m doing wrong or can anyone explain what’s up? should i just mark this up to the vagaries of copying hardware/software and a finicky player? suggestions?

also as i mentioned i’m using dvd shrink to make copies…should i look to upgrade or change software any suggestions…and are most people still recommending verbatim discs?

Most members here and in other forums recommend Verbs because they are very reliable…Will they work in every player made? probably not…I have 3 players that play most burned discs especially Verbs,and 1 player a “samsung” that is really picky,but loves my (emergency discs,memorsux,no offense as I have some laying around…point is not all players will dance the waltz with Verbs or any other media type…they may do the tango…But having said that, what speed are you burning,and yeah perhaps you should give another proggy a shot…IMGBurn is what most people/members around here recommend…

Sounds like you have a particularly picky player. Are these Verbatim +R disks by any chance? You can bitset a +R dvd to make it look like a commercially made DVDRom disk, and thus increase compatibility. Not all dvd burners can do this, so we’d have to know which one you have and what program you are using to burn the disks.

Verbatim is recommended because it seems to be the most reliable, most consistent media available right now. There are others that are well liked, but aren’t as easily found, especially in the local shops.

DVDShrink is obsolete as a dvd ripping program. There are many dvds that you cannot decrypt and rip to the hard drive using Shrink. I suggest getting a free decryption program that is still updated: DVDFab HD Decrypter. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

DVDShrink is still a good transcoder for compressing your movies to fit onto a single layer dvd, so there is nothing wrong with continuing to use it for this purpose. There are other options, including some that will produce better output. Any good encoder will beat a transcoder like Shrink, but depending on the amount of compression necessary and the size of the screen you are watching on, you may not notice the difference. I tend to use an encoder just so I get the best possible output on my copies.

If you are interested, look up DVDRebuilder. There is a free version and it comes with a very good quality encoder called HC. The main drawback is that any encoder will take more time than Shrink. A modern, dual core machine will cut this time down significantly…it takes roughly 80 minutes to run Rebuilder on my main machine. I just copy the main movie though…no menus or extras. This cuts down on needed compression.

the verbatim disc is a -r…i just discovered that first records on the office depot doesn’t play on the dvd/vhs player but also plays fine on the stand alone magnovox…yeah, i think it is a picky player but it’s practically brand new…it’s a samsung vr357 and tho i’m not sure it seems to have developed this pickiness and was not always like this…where can i get one of those other burner software

weird if a make a copy of the copy it seems to work on the sansung??

by the way how do i find out what speed i’m burning at on dvd shrink …the discks all say 16X

i just downloaded dvdfab i’m trying it out now

DVDShrink cannot burn by itself. The normal version of Shrink uses either DVDDecrypter or Nero to burn the disks automatically. You need to adjust burning speed in whichever one of those you are using in Shrink. I suspect you are using Nero, since you haven’t mentioned making an ISO and burning with Decrypter.

Try burning at 8x.

You might want to try burning with ImgBurn, which t0nee1 mentioned earlier. There is a version of Shrink which can use ImgBurn automatically. Look through this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f34/using-dvd-shrink-w-dvd-decrypter-burn-241213/

By the way, the free version of DVDFab only decrypts and rips…it won’t shrink the video. The full, paid versions will. I only mentioned it because it is an up to date ripper which can be used along with DVDShrink. You rip to the hard drive first, then open the files with Shrink.

You will be very happy with dvdfab. I have many dvd copy programs but dvdfab is the only one I use. I also use the freeware dvdshrink but only on movies made from 2006 and earlier and only if dvdfab is unable to make a good copy of it.