DVD shrink to Roxio ECDC 6 how to do it?

Ive used dvd shrink to compress the dvd back up…and now i have a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder files…

I have Roxio Easy CD and DVD creator 6

Do I just burn those files on the DVD or is there more to it than that??

any links to a guide on how to burn with roxio would be greatly appreciated or a detailed to do from someone in the know…


Just burn those two directories into a DVD+/-R. Some prefer Nero for this task, but Roxio works fine for me.

Check out web site dvdrhelp for guides and such.

i did burn those 2 directory files to a dvd+r disk and it doenst play in neither of my 2 players…???

it does however play on my computer…

my dvd players are +r compatible and ive burned these prodisc discs using dvdxcopy many times and played them on both players…so its not a compatibality or cheap media issue…

any ideas…???

I don’t have v6 installed anymore and v7 is much different, you have to use Disk Copier to burn VIDEO_TS.

I don’t know what the problem might be off hand. Are you using UDF format?

I used to have trouble with Nero and +R media on one of my standalone DVD players and Roxio has always worked just fine.