DVD Shrink to Nero

Why doesn’t DVD Shrink automatically start burning with Nero? Is there a way to change that and if not how do I do it manually? :doh:


The best option is to burn files manually: select ISO file as output and then use ImgBurn to burn the ISO file.

To use nero you must select the right option in shrink preferences.

Go to menu “Edit” --> “Preferences”. From the window select the “File I/O” tab and check “enable burning with nero”

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I have it enabled, but i have a question. Would I just put the DVD Format files into Nero and it will work regularly.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you explain better? :slight_smile:

After the AVI has been converted to the DVD Format, how would I burn it using Nero?

This is becoming more confused: dvd shrink don’t do any conversion from avi to dvd. What are you doing exactly?

you would just select the folder which has the .vob files

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I think he has already convert the .avi file to a .vob file

The VIDEO_TS folder?


If you have a DVD Video-compatible set of files output from something such as DVD Shrink, you can then open Nero and select ‘create DVD Video disc’. Put all files into the VIDEO_TS folder. Another option, one that I usually use when using DVD Shrink, is to output as a single .ISO image file instead of a bunch of files. Then you can use Nero or ImgBurn and just burn the .ISO image file.

I’d do that…only takes a few clicks to change the destination from burner to ISO in Shrink. :slight_smile:

Does it still play the same?

After the ISO is burned? Absolutely.

How would I go about making an ISO using DVDFab and DVDShrink?

With dvd shrink you can create ISO simply selecting it in the window opened after pressing the “backup” button

It’s kinda hard to explain without being able to attach images at the moment.

When you hit Backup in Shrink, after doing all your re-authoring stuff, under the Target Device tab should be a drop-down list, with your burner selected by default. Click the arrow on the menu, and choose ISO Image File.

Underneath that, type in where you want it saved (e.g. E:\DVD_VIDEO.ISO)


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Use DVDFab to rip your protected DVD to the hard disk. Then use DVDShrink to compress the ripped files, only in this step, you use ISO Image as the output format (not as a VIDEO_TS folder with the individual vob files in it). Use your favorite tool to burn the image to a blank DVD (ImgBurn or Nero).

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