DVD Shrink to enable playback

My computer freezes as soon as I hit “Play” using any DVD player. I realize this is due to a lack of CPU/RAM. However, I can enable “Preview” in DVD Decrypter, and the video will appear. I’m wondering if there is any software I can use (like DVD Shrink) to decrease the amount of data the CPU needs to process so I can watch some of these movies I have on my HD? Even viewing in a tiny window is acceptable. Thanks for any help.

DVDShrink doesn’t decrease the amount of data because of the cpu, but decreases the amount of data to get it on a 4.5 Gig dvd!

What are the specs of your computer?

I thought DVDShrink created a smaller file of a movie. It is that ‘shrunk’ file that I thought I might be able to play. Any ideas on how to play a movie with my limited system resources (See below) are welcome!

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Even though those files are smaller after having been “shrunk” it still uses the same amount of the computers resources to play. You can lower your screen resolution in the display properties which might allow them to play.

I lowered resolution and color. Computer didn’t freeze, but all I got was audio. I really want to get into DVD stuff. Will the stuff listed in my Signature allow me to do what this computer can’t?

with those stats…you should have no problem playingback…there is some other problem

Don’t tell us what you plan to upgrade to, please tell us your CURRENT setup. DVD’s should play fine on anything with a CPU more than 500Mhz & at least 256MB ram.

That said …

DMA is likely off :slight_smile:

Video card drivers are incorrectly installed.
DVD Decoder software is incorrectly installed.

Download the latest drivers for your motherboard, the IDE drivers in particular. Install.
Download the latest drivers for your video card & install it.
Download the K-Lite Mega Codec pack from www.free-codecs.com and install it.

Open media player classic & file->Open DVD.

Besides, shrinking a DVD means higher compression, aka more CPU work to De-compress. A shrunk DVD will be worse than an original DVD.

i burnt a dvd movie on dvd fab express and when i play it on my dvd it will skip parts of the movie i am new at this i hope somebody can help me