DVD Shrink Time

is it normal for dvd shrink to take about an hour and a half to complete it’s shrinking?

First thing to check is if you have deep analysis enabled, does it analyze a second time??..if yes, then deep analysis is enabled.
That is a little long even for a slower system. It shouldn’t take more than perhaps 30 minutes if your system only has 512 MBs RAM and a slow processor. If you have a decent CPU and 1 Gig of RAM or more, it should be taking you 15 minutes or less. Using DVDShrink, my system can usually copy a DVD ‘with’ compression in 7-10 minutes, and less if no compression is needed.

The more DVD Shrink has to compress the longer it takes. If “Deep Analysis” is used and you have AEC checked it can take quite a while if you are compressing more than about 80%.

No check for:

  1. You HD not being fragemented
  2. Delete all the temp file in temp directory
  3. Deactivate all the programs that are active in your system background
  4. Make sure your HD and you Burner are both in DMA postion
  5. Make sure you have enough RAM especially if you are using Nero7.
  6. Using godd brand name media for burning.