? DVD Shrink Text Color


I’ve got a question about the text color in DVD Shrink. By experience I have deduced that the color of the title in the re-author list indicates the modification status of the titles. That is, when you add a title to the disc without altering it in any way, it is listed with black text, but if you modify it at all (cut, change audio/subtitle selections, compression, etc.) it will be listed with blue text.

Have I deduced it correctly?

If so, then the confusion is that I have on occasion added a title without modifying it in any way, and still had it listed in blue. Does anyone know what could be going on? :confused:

For example, I was just playing around with The Number 23. The main title (track 35) is listed in blue no matter what I do. (I’m using that last version of DVD Shrink).

I find the text goes to Blue if Compression is less than 100% and goes Black if 100% (no compression) regardless if you modify it or not.

Actually that makes sense too because I recently cut a title in DVDShrink and it was still listed in black. The problem is that it still does not explain why occasionally I get a title listed in blue even though I have set it to “No Compression”.