DVD Shrink taking too long



When I use DVD Shrink it is taking close to two and a half hours to shrink the DVD. I have a Celeron 1.2G with 500 megs of RAM. I have a CREATIVE Labs DVD 16x DVD ROM and a Plextor 712A Burner. Either of them are taking the same amount of time to shrink the DVD.

I have check the Deveice Manager, and all the settings are set to Use DMA if Available.

Does someone know, what might be the problem.



Are you selecting ‘Deep analysis’ and ‘compress video with high quality…’? This slows the process down alot


We do need a little more info. What version of Shrink? What settings are you using (ie Deep Analysis, Sharp, ect.)? Are you running other programs/apps while doing this? IMHO, the biggest problem is your specs. A Celeron 1.2GHZ is really NOT what you want if you want fast ripping . The 500Megs of ram helps but only so much. If it is SDRAM then it probably isn’t helping that much at all. Case and point, I used to have an old 1.1GHZ Celeron processor with 128MB SDRAM. With a Deep Analysis it would take about 1 hour 20 minutes. With my current P4 2.4GHZ and 256MB of PC 3200 DDR Ram, I can do the exact same project in 25-30 minutes. My guess is that you have the Deep Analysis on and are using one of the additional quality enhancement features. Smooth is the worst for time consumption. Even on my current machine that adds about 30 minutes in and of itself.


Download the free trial of CloneDVD2 at www.elby.ch and try it. The latest version of Shrink(3.2x) takes 3 times as long as ver(3.17) I personally don’t see any difference in quality. You can get v3.17 off of ShrinkDVD website. What are you running to decode the movie that your ripping. I would suggest ANYDVD (free 20 day trial) available at www.slysoft.com. If you times don’t improve then more than likely you system is to slow.


Thanks for all the replies. I am using version I have downloaded the v3.17 and going to give it a try.


I believe that 3.176 is the last version of DVD Shrink and it is the fastest.
More ram always helps with DVD burning.
Toshiba and Lite-on DVD roms are supposedly faster rippers than most. I have both and they are fast, never more than 15 to 18 minutes to read a movie.
I also have a Plextor 407A DVD burnar and it is so slow…takes about 4 times longer to read a DVD movie.


I’ve just joined the CDF to let you guys know what I’ve discovered after 2+ weeks of being in the dark. Zone Alarm was making DVD Shrink perform poorly on my computer. I have checked for the IDE controller in PIO vs. DMA, even after everyone and their mother swore that that had to be the problem. I’ve replaced both of my physical dvd drives after finding that one was in Multi-Word DMA. Don’t proceed with either of my solutions, just try removing Zone Alarm. May have to start your machine up in Safe Mode to completely remove the program.