DVD shrink taking to long

When using dvd shrink the backup/burning can go for 48 hrs or more. I thought i might be the burner so I replaced it with a new LG model but it stil happens. Any advice or solutions would be appreciated.



Firstly, DVD Shrink doesn’t have a burn engine, so you must be using Nero or something else. Secondly, when you say “backup” do you mean decrypt and shrink or just shrink and burn? 48 hours is ridiculous. Double check your DMA settings. What OS are you using? Give a few computer specs.

I’m using XP with service pack 2. The burning program is Nero 7. It only happens when I shrink & burn. What are DMA settings

Does the encoding process takes so much time or the burning one?
If the latter, you can try to make an iso image with DVD Shrink first. How much time does this need? Then try to burn the image with ImgBurn (freeware) or Nero…

About DMA, goto Start ->Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager. There you can find IDE ATA Controllers (or similar). Make sure that all primary and secondary IDE channels have “DMA if available” under: Advanced Settings - Transfer Mode. Make a note on Current Transfer Mode. If necessary, restart your computer. There are other threads here describing this in more details :wink:

Itseems to be the encoding process that takes the time.
Ckecked the DMA settings which seem to bb\e ok, but dvd shrink still takes forever.

Can you give your PC specs? What CPU do you have? RAM? Are there any other programs running at the same time?

This is really strange! Even my older-ancient P3@450MHz, 256MB RAM, could encode a 3hrs movie with all enhanced quality options on, in much less time than that!!!