DVD Shrink....taking much longer to encode



After backing up a couple of my DVDs, Shrink seems to be taking twice as long to encode, and yes, DMA is still on. P4-3 Ghz, 512 mb DDR 400, XP Pro, NEC 3500. Any ideas?


Post some exact numbers and information, so someone can evaluate the speed.

You didn’t say what way you do the backup. I suggest ripping first to harddrive say ISO-read from DVDDecrypter, so you eliminate from the total time the big variable of how long is ripping taking versus the transcoding time. Maybe the DVD is not easy to read.

You may also need to defrag the harddrive for a little faster time.


You might have something there in regards to the defragging. I’m new to this DVD stuff. Got my NEC 3500AG for Christmas. I have noticed that my harddrive has been getting quite fragmented lately, more so than ever before. I will back up a disk and see if it makes a difference!




Just before my last post above I defragged. I then backed up 3 dvd’s using DVD Decrypt(ISO) file then DVD Shrink. Checked my drive and it’s majorly fragmented again! Also, missing about 10 gig even after deleting all files created for the three back-ups… Is this normal? Hope to recover some space after this defrag finishes. I deleted the ISO file creacted by DVD Decrypt then the files created by DVD Shrink after each backup. Are there others I’m missing?


do you have norton systemworks installed? if so, try emptying your protected files from the recycle bin.


I don’t have Norton System Works but I do have their antivirus which does the same…Ill empty it when I get home from work… Thanks! I take it that there are no other files being created that I’m missing?



Just got home from work…First thing I did was empty the Norton Protected Recycling bin and BAM! Not 10 but 20 gigs back!