Dvd shrink taking 1.5 hours to transcode?

it is taking impossible time to make an backup of a dvd movie with shrink.it is taking 1.5 hours to transcode??? why?

Because it’s free

but xcopyxpress takes about total 30 minutes on average to copy a dvd movie -including ripping, reading,burning?
why do then some people here say dvd shrink is better? :confused:

Because you probably have the quality setting turned up. Without DA and the adaptive thingamajig, a backup takes 20 minutes. With, it takes 2 hours.

And 1.5 hours is not an “impossible time”.

what is the quality of dvd movies burned with xcopyxpress compared to dvd encrypter and dvd shrink?
which gives better quality video and sound?
is there any other program that makes dvd copies and is free and better?

xcopyxpress is bad quality.

dvd shrink set to smooth and instant copy on high quality are comparable in quality and the best available. nothing else comes close.

if you want a quick copy just take off the aec setting on shrink and it takes like 20 minutes. but the quality sucks :wink:

Using DVD Shrink, what setting should you use for a high action movie with a compression between 65-75%? Is smooth good enough or max smooth, but using max smooth would take a very long time to encode if the movie is quite lengthy.

well - if you want good quality - use max smooth - but i would leave it on default if I were you. A compression of 65-75% is quite severe on an action movie - maybe u outghta set the piority higher for the main movie or disable some useless soundtracks.

=What version of DVD shrink do you have? I have DVD shrink 3.1, it use to take me all night to burn a DVD but I figured out how it can go quicker as long as you have nero and a DVD burner and blank DVD + r’s. When you go to back up your DVD go to backup options and uncheck perform deep analysis befor backup to improve quality, with it unchecked it will go faster and your video quality is still good, and under burn settings put your burn speed on 2.4x. I have been using DVD shrink for a few years and I burn at least 3 DVDs a day.

i have dvd shrink 3.2.
which screen is the settinsg are that you are saying?
edit - preferences ? preview? output files? stream selections ?
files I/O?

Because it’s free is DVD Shrink the Best ,but it is the badly of all
the DVD recodes
CloneDVD2 / Intervideo / Nero … is much better
but yes not free


I noticed something unusual, yet positive, about DVD Shrink. On most of my backups, it will say the compression rate is somewhere between 53-64%, with all of the files still in tact. Later on, I burn the DVD files with CloneDVD, and play it on my DVD player. And guess what? The quality, to me, looks 100% clean.

So, is the DVD Shrink “compression” just some random gimic? It doesn’t cause any troubles.

*And I don’t use DA for encoding.

The problem is with ShrinkDVD V3.2xx. If you download v3.17 you will see that it rips a movie in 1/3 of the time 3.2 does


dvd x copy seems to work well for only some people. It seems that everyone here only uses shrink for some reason but Ive never had any problem with Xcopy express, works everytime, unless there is a media issue with the drive but that can happen with any burning program.

SHRINKDVD v3.17 is 3 times faster on the same movie ripp than v3.25. I dont know what they did but 3.17 works fine. I would suggest staying with it for the time being.