DVD Shrink Slows Audio Down

I have a wedding video. It is encoded with AC-3 sound. I have ripped it to my hard drive and want to use a DVD Authoring program to add additional video that I have. I can do this without a problem. However, when I author it, the file is 5.6 GB. So, I figured I would use DVD Shrink to compress the DVD files before I add them to the authoring software so that everything will fit.

I am using DVD Shrink 3.1.7 to do this and when it does, the audio comes out slow. It sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown speaking slowly. The video turns out great. No problem there. The audio just won’t work. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

i don’t have an explanation for the problem (transcoders aren’t supposed to touch the audio), but try using dvdshrink on the finished product so that it can shrink the dvd to 4.38gb by itself. if you still have the same problem after that, try another transcoder to see if it also does the same thing.