DVD Shrink slowing down

I recently installed a Sony DVD burner (DRU-810A) in my computer at work because some of the guys want to back up DVDs. I have used DVD shrink for the past few years and have been happy with it, so I installed that at work.

At first everything was fine, the discs were encoding at over 7,000 kB/s and it only took 10 minutes to encode a full DVD.

After about a week and a half, the speed dropped all of a sudden to just over 1,000 kB/s and it took over an hour to encode a full DVD.

I searched the board to see if anyone was having issues similar to mine, but I never found someone who was getting fast speeds and then have it slow down like that. Most of the speed issues were fixed by enabling DMA, so I made sure to do that, and now speeds are up to 4,000 kB/s which is decent, but if possible we would like to get it back up to 7,000 kB/s

We are running it on a 2.79 GHz, P4 with 768 MB of RAM. Its a Dell 4600.

Is this happened with some certain discs and do you’ve tried other discs?

We burned a lot at 7,000 kB/s and then when things slowed down, we tried 3-4 different movies and they were all at that speed.

Do you’ve checked maybe the box analyse and backup in low priority mode?

Yeah, its backing up in low priority mode.

Uncheck it and give it a try.


Low Priority Mode - 4,200 kB/s
Not Low Priority Mode - 3,600 kB/s

Any other ideas?

By the way, thanks for your help.

I’m sure you’ll find here some nice advices