DVD Shrink shows 2 titles under main movie?



I want to back up the movie only but not sure why it shows 2 in the main movie window??



some Disks have more than one version of the movie on them one may be the theatrical release and the other the directors cut. or they sometimes have both the full screen and the widescreen versions of the film on one disk.


Read the description on the DVD case cover
Is it 2 formats: i.e. Full Screen and Wide Screen?
Is it 2 versions: i.e. R rated and not rated

Something like this. Start playing and see if you have a selection for 2 titles.


Thanks, but how can their be 12gig on one dvd??



It is not :slight_smile:
Rip first or just load in DVD Decrypter File mode, you will see one big VTS, split into 1GB units, total of about 7-8GB
The 2 title in this case might have a different “cut” and it is decided by the external chain. So you have one big VTS, but it is not the 2 versions use slightly different parts.


in this case, it must be something like theatrical vs director’s cut because the combined size of the two “main movies” is nearly 12gb (which is obviously much more than any dvd can hold), so the two streams must share almost all of the same video. title 1 must be the shorter/theatrical version, while title 2 must be some kind of extended version.


Thanks, you guys are right it’s the extended version. So in this case it would make sense that the larger file is the extended version.