DVD Shrink settings?

I have downloaded the above dvd shrink and being a newbie I was hoping that there is a member out there that knows what settings are the best for insuring a good quality shrink is done on a longer movie. Right now I will be experimenting with a music dvd that is 1 hr 57 min long, its basically a recorded show of an artists performance and I will be using my 1 Click Copy Dvd that won the Platinum Award this year as a program and along with that I will use the dvd 43 free.

However, I don’t know about shrinking. I was simply told by a store where I bought my external burner to download this program “Shrink” that it was excellent.

I look forward to comments.

Thankyou, regards

You might want to check this.


The above guide that “G)-(osters” mentions is fine. It might be a bit more technical and/or complicated than the most basic user. Some basic tips…

[ul][li]First, I’d recommend you have the latest and greatest version of Nero…it should be (as of February 21, 2005). You can find the latest version here (if you’re in the US).
[/li][li]Next, go get yourself DVD Shrink. It looks like you’ve already snagged yourself the latest and greatest version ( and you may hear discussion that DVD Shrink is no longer being supported and improved on. That’s true, but don’t worry. DVD Shrink as it stands still will work just fine.[/ul]Using these two applications together (Nero and DVD Shrink), you should now be able back-up essentially any DVD you own (there are some exceptions like “The Village”, but they’re still rare). One more small tip…using DVD Shrink, I highly recommend that you “turn on” both the “Perform deep analysis before backup” option and “compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation” option:

Have fun!