DVD Shrink restarts computer


A little background info first. I have been backikng up movies for a long time now using DVD Shrink to decrypt them, then Nero to burn to a DVD+R. My computer specs are as follows-

AMD Athlon 800mhz
320MB Ram
ATI Radeon 8500
Asus A7 Motherboard

I have a little problem which started yesterday. I clicked on DVD Shrink to backup a dvd and my comp;uter just restarted! I thought it was just a one of so I launched it again and my computer restarted again!

These are the things I have done so far. I have re-installed DVD Shrink, And I have opened my computer up, cleaned some dust out of there, And put a fan in front of it for a while to cool it down, as it was quite hot. My comp. temp was around 50-60. I know this is high but it has been like this for a while. After “fanning” it down, my temp is now 35.

Can anybody help me solve this problem, I really want to get back to backing up DVD’s again, as I have loads to do.

Edit-These are the exact temps I’;m seeing from Everest-

Motherboard - 42 degress
CPU - 58 degrees

Is it just one particular movie or any that you try? I’m just wondering about DVD protection.
You could try DVD Decrypter to rip it to the hard drive & try & shrink from there.

Download a program called Prime95 it will test your cpu and ram for errors, if its clean then try downloading memtest86, then come back with the results :slight_smile:

Timc. I don’t think it has anything to do with the disc, as there is no disc in the drve at the times, and I;'ve tryed it with varous discs. The computer restarts not when I clcik open disc, But as soon as I click DVD Shrink. Thanks for the reply though

Mr Brownstone, I’ll try what you said now, and post back soon with the results. Thanks to you too.

Also try running registry cleaner, adaware, and spybot.

Mr bownstone, I really didn’t get the 2 programs you mentioned

He is referring to searching on google for software programs, download them, and run them to test your system memory. That will either confirm or deny that you have a memory related problem.

Yes, I searched them and downloaded them, and installed them. However, They both seem really complicated. Is there no easier program to use? I will try ad_aware tommorow. Thanks.

Check PCWORLD.COM downloads section and look for CPU STABILITY TEST. It will test your motherboard, northbridge, memory, and more.

The CPU Stability test showed no errors.

OK. Try uninstalling DVDSHRINK, and then reinstall it from a different web site. Maybe your DVDSHRINK either didn’t install correctly, or it is a bad version. Search for a link in this forum and download the most current version. Also, you should download the most current bios and chipset drivers for your pc. Let us know what happens from there please.

Hmmm…That worked. Thanks a lot. I’m kind of confused, Because I tryed re-installing it before. I guess the DVD Shrink setup was corrupted from where I got it from. I downloaded a copy from afterdawn as this site just redirects you to the DVD SHrink official website (where I got my previous version from).

I just started it up a couple of times, and it seems to be working fine. Thanks again Harley2ride.

We all get lucky now and then… :clap:

For future reference, DVD Shrink is causing you a BSOD (blue screen of death) and windows XP auto restarts instead of displaying the memory dump in text, this can be changed upder startup and recovery options under the advanced tab of system properties…