Dvd shrink Resident Evil Apocalypse



Anyone know why I would get an error in the analyze phase backing up RE Apocalypse?

Now sometimes when I try it dont even show an error it just stops with like 2 min 22 seconds left and sounds like its skiping or something in the drive.

I have no other problems

is the anther incryption that is out? I know sony has one.


its sony Arcoss. I know the Newest version of ANYDVD can defeat it and I think the latest DVD Decrypter can as well.


Get the Latest Version of AnyDvd software to remove the protection on Apocalypse. Run Anydvd on the background when u r running dvd shrink. :iagree:


Or use Dvd95Copy. I will remove arccos too.


Just search the forums for the title of the movie, plenty discussions on this issue.