DVD SHRINK replacement software

what is some free software that i can use in place of dvd shrink?

Why replace it? It still does a fine job.

I Want To Try A Different One

If you are looking for another free transcoder, you can try Rejig. I prefer Shrink personally.

But as TimC said, why replace it? What part of the program is not working to fit your needs? There are other decrypting programs available, such as AnyDVD (not free) or DVD Fab Decrypter, which have been more recently updated to deal with newer protection schemes.

Or if you are looking for a better quality output, I’d suggest trying the free version of DVDRebuilder and using the HC encoding program included with it. Rebuilder will take quite a bit more time to use, so don’t expect it to zip through a dvd the way Shrink can. And you’ll have to rip the dvd to the hard drive first, since Rebuilder doesn’t have decryption capability.