DVD Shrink reauthoring audio cuts out periodically



I’ve been using DVD shrink to back up my DVD collection to a hard drive. I reauthor using only the main movie and the highest quality audio track, no compression. When I watch the movie on my PC it works great, however when I connect to my TV the audio drops out for a few seconds every so often. It seems to happen when there is a chapter change. When the audio returns it is synced perfectly so it seems to just mute for a few seconds.

I’ve set DVD shrink to make one VOB file with a max 9.9 GB to get around the stopping and then starting the next file when I watch on the TV. Is there something I need to change concerning the audio?


What are you using for playback? This doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence when using Shrink, so I suspect your playback software.

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I’m connecting a Seagate GoFlex straight to my Samsung TV via USB. Audio goes out via optical to a quality Pioneer receiver. Some of the dvd’s work just fine, others drop out. I’m trying Handbrake to encode the files to MKV H.264. Hope it works.
Another issue I found is it will show on the progress bar that a movie is 7 minutes long. When it reaches the end of the progress bar the movie continues, however you can no longer skip back or forward. It simply stops the movie. Strange.


Will your Seagate play mpeg2 files? If so, you can use Vob2Mpg to remove the movies from the vob container. You won’t lose any quality by re-encoding this way, whereas you will when converting to mkv H264.

The free version of Vob2Mpg will do this just fine: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VOB2MPG


OK. I used Vob2Mpg and it worked. Thanks for the tip. Does anyone know how to set up a batch folder with my VOB’s and have Vob2Mpg work all night and day until done?