Dvd shrink re-author



I was wondering if someone can answer question for me. When i use dvd shrink, I usually just do the movie. For the audio I just choose the 5.1. When dts is available can i choose that to. The thing that I wondered is if i choose the 5.1 can i also include the dts. Ive tried just dts and there is no audio when playing on just a television. 5.1 seems to play fine on a stereo tv but will detect and play 5.1 when going through my reciever. Thanks


You must use 5.1 to playback with stereo devices. To use DTS, the preamp must contain a DTS decoder. I only record using 5.1 (AC 3/6).


My reciever supports dts. I am wondering if i select 5.1 and dts on a re-author will it work. How would i get it to go to dts instead of 5.1 or is that the bad thing about doing a re-author. I want it to work if I use my surrond sound or just my tv in my room, but i prefer dts in surround sound.


Just select DTS when you playback the movie with the DTS receiver.


Ok ill have to try that. I just wasnt sure where to choose dts from since i have no menus. I only backup just the movie.


You shoud be able to choose whch audiotrack to play using your dvd player remote


Just press the “AUDIO” button on your DVD player remote. This will let you cycle through the different audio tracks on the DVD.


Alright, Thanks alot!!!